USS Rising Star How to Join

In order to join the USS Rising Star, you must join Starfleet, The International Star Trek Fan Club. (SFI)

Be sure to choose in the section labeled CHAPTER: use the down arrow and select USS RISING STAR - R4

Costs for joining are:


Individual - $5

Family - 2 - $9

Family - 3 - $12

Family - 4 - $14

Family - 5 - $16

Family - 6 - $17


* Paper memberships are no longer available - all memberships are now completely digital

* The Member's CD of digital documents is no longer available

* The "Printed Membership Handbook" option is not available at this time

* The "Printed Membership Certificate" option is not available at this time

If you are already a member of Starfleet, please go into the Starfleet database and under the Member heading, so to Change Account Info on the left column, then in the middle is a heading of CHANGE CHAPTER: again, using the drop down select USS Rising Star - R4

If you join the USS Rising Star, please contact the Commanding Officer (Fleet Admiral Rob Lerman) Click here to Contact Us and give him your Name and SCC # (member number).

Rising Star membership:

At this time we don't have any membership fees, just be a member of Starfleet.

Our Newsletter, "THE FLAMING COMET" is published electronically about every 2 months and posted onto our private Facebook site.

Since most of our members are all over the place, we don't have any official meetings. We might have get together here and there.