USS Rising Star Ship Specifications

The USS Spirit class ship as being designated an explorer scout, approximately one-hundred-and-ten meters long, fifty-eight meters across and twenty-four meter tall, with five decks. The Spirit has a crew complement of between twelve and thirty personnel. The bridge, located on deck two, features both a view screen and window. And the small shuttle-bay can house a single shuttle-craft and work bee.

Designer Mark Rademaker goes on to describe how the Spirit features an extensive sensor network, including the sensor pod, used primarily for collecting slipstream data. The Spirit is armed with four torpedo launchers (two forward and two aft), along with eight rapid fire pulse phaser outputs, each capable of firing in three different modes and five phaser strips.

"USS Spirit NX-79995, Late 24th century Long Range Scout class ship. The Spirit class ship was developed specifically for long range Pathfinder missions in the Delta and Omega quadrants. Due to the inherent danger associated with this type of directive, the Spirit class is equipped with advanced defensive systems and offensive weaponry as well as Slipstream propulsion and powerful sensor equipment. On her shake down cruise, the prototype ship USS Spirit, made a successful round trip of the Alpha quadrant in eight days."

Ships of the Spirit class: NX-79995: test-bed prototype To be constructed: NCC-80005: USS Amsterdam, a production version of the Spirit, quite different, but will still make use of the same space frame. Useful as a corvette/medical transport. (I'm going to do this one someday!)

Dimensions and deck layout: length: 110 meters width: 58 meters height: 24 meters (with sensor pod on top)

Deck count: 5 Bridge: The bridge is located on deck 2 and has a window as well as a viewscreen. Shuttlebay: a very small shuttlebay was added like a garage box, the door is also the landing platform. (Andrew Probert designed this feature.) There is just enough space for 1 shuttle and 1 workbee. Weapons: Because of it's prototype nature the Spirit was well armed for it's size. 2 forward torpedo launchers. 2 rear torpedo launchers. 2 (defiant like) pulse phaser cannons with 8 output points. 5 phaser strips.

Torpedo count:16

Propulsion: Thrusters Impulse drive (with trail dispersion) Experimental warpcore for both normal warp and transwarp velocities. (In other words the quantum slipstream drive.)

Sensors: multiple sensors are found all over the hull, most of them for collecting slipstream data, the wing/pod on top is also a sensor array but might be gone in newer Spirit class ships.

Landing/Docking: 2 standard docking ports on each side. The ship is outfitted with 6 landing pads in it's belly. The cargo door is then on ground level for easy intake of cargo.